TRASH TREK Resources

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We provide these resources to help you start your TRASH TREKSM research, but do not limit yourselves to the list below.  Your town may have a library, school, local government office, or trash processing facility where you can learn more.


Explore the Cycle
Animation explains the basics of the recycling process from leaving your home to becoming new products.

Toss It, Baby 
For a little fun, here is one company’s music video about single-stream recycling.  Watch for some of the machinery used to sort recyclables.

Where Does Our Garbage Go?
Video shows how some communities in Utah, United States manage all different kinds of trash.

Popular Mechanics for Kids
The kid hosts of this 23-minute video will take you on a tour of a recycling facility, a landfill, building your own compost pile, and more.


Food waste
This radio story may give you some "food for thought" as you think about food waste.

Garbage facts
Idaho Public Television provides a simple fact page about what garbage is and where it may go.

Kids Go Green
Caerphilly County Borough Council in Whales, United Kingdom wants local kids to "go green." They provide a website with lots of information about recycling and other trash options. 

Look local

Your city, town, or county may have a Sanitation Department website.  These sites usually tell residents how trash pickup works, what items you can recycle locally, and how to dispose of special types of waste.  Here are some examples, but you can probably use a search engine to find a website for your local area.

Recycle City
Visit Recycle City to learn new ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle from residents of this cartoon town.

Trash Anthropologist
In "What I discovered in New York City Trash," Robin Nagle talks about her interest in trash and the people who clean it up.

Trash in the Water
What happens when trash gets in rivers and the ocean? How are animals like turtles, birds, and marine mammals impacted? This website provides information and many resources about "marine debris."

365 Days of Trash
Sustainable Dave’s blog about trying to produce no trash for a year.  Dave provides tons of suggestions to reduce trash at home.