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7. Do tournament directors have the flexibility to create their own judging tools or additional requirements for teams, other than those specified in the Challenge document?

A:  Each official tournament is held to a set of “Global Standards,” designed to provide a consistent experience for teams attending official events.  Some items, including the rubrics, are required to be used by events exactly as provided by FIRST.  Other items may be modified to meet local needs.

Official tournaments will not have any new or additional requirements, such as a binder or video, other than the required items outlined in the Challenge document, Coaches’ Handbook, and FIRST website.

6. Can the Coach help the team set up their Project presentation?

A: As stated in the Project document, teams should plan a presentation that they are able to set up and break down with no adult help. The coach should refrain from helping the team set up any presentation materials or props. There may be rare instances when a presentation prop or other item is too bulky or heavy for team members to carry. In this instance, some tournaments may allow the coach to assist the team, or the tournament may provide volunteers to move the heavy/bulky item.

5. What happens if my team goes past 5 minutes when giving their Project presentation?

A: Some Judges may warn the team that they have gone over five minutes, while others will allow the team to finish. In some cases, the tournament may need to keep a very strict time schedule, so Judges will end the presentation at five minutes. If the Judges allow a team to go over five minutes, that may reduce the amount of time Judges have to ask questions and could affect how the Judges assess your team. Your team should practice timing their presentation before the tournament to reduce the chance they will go over five minutes.