A Project in a Robotics Competition?

FLL is designed to show kids how exciting science, technology, and engineering can be. Research and problem solving are integral parts of these fields and keys to the success of any real-world engineering team. Just think about the Mars Rover. If the NASA team had not done their research about the atmospheric, gravity, and terrain conditions on Mars ahead of time, they would not have been able to design successful rovers. megaphone_man

Through the Project, FLL teams learn more about the science behind the Challenge theme and better understand the work of professionals in that field. It gives students a chance to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it through research, critical thinking, and creativity – and see how fun that can be! Exposure to different areas of science and technology will also introduce team members to new career options they may never have known about.

And through the Project presentation, teams have the opportunity to have discussions and get feedback from judges who are often experts in the Challenge field. Getting comfortable giving a “live” presentation and sharing ideas effectively is a valuable life skill.

The Project is the opportunity for the teams to really explore deeper into the Challenge theme for the season. We want our teams to have as much exposure to the world of science and technology as possible. We want them to know about all the interesting fields of study that they may go into and have the opportunity to get excited about how to make a difference in the world – starting now!

Did your child's team have a great, innovative solution for the Project? The FIRST® LEGO® League Global Innovation is designed to encourage and assist FLL teams to further develop their innovative solutions to real-world problems. FLL teams may submit their innovative solution designed as a result of the current season's Project. Submissions to the FLL Global Innovation can only be made by teams officially registered for the current Challenge season. The winning team will be offered the opportunity to work with Edison Nation to professionally develop, produce, and take their invention to market. (A prize valued at up to $250,000 in product development services.)

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