I'm New... Where Do I Start?

First, take a deep breath. You're in the right place.signs
firstlegoleague.org has a wealth of information for new parents. You just need to know where to look.

Here's where you can start:

Connect with the coach

If you are not your child's coach (if you are, the article FLL Basics is a must-read) take time to get to know what their expectations are for the season. Being on the same page with the coach will help you better prepare your child for each meeting and know what to expect at your tournament.

An additional helpful hint is to direct the coach to all the great resources on the Team Resources page. Or comb through it yourself! The coach will have a lot to do during the season, and having another adult aware where programming, building, and preparation resources are will be very helpful to them.

Volunteer with the team

Most parents are not going to be able to help out with the robot portion without a little practice first. Sit in on a meeting or two to determine where your talents could best be used. Are you artistically inclined? Perhaps help with the t-shirt design or provide guidance on a team logo. Are you detail-oriented, maybe a type A personality? Consider giving constructive feedback on the team's presentation. Use the rubrics that the team would be judged against in a real tournament.

Keep informed through social media

FIRST LEGO League has an active Twitter account, blog, and YouTube channel. If you're part of these networks make sure you follow/subscribe. We have an an incredible community utilizing these tools and they often give great advice.

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