Qualifying Tournaments and Championships

Official tournaments are orchestrated by our FIRST® LEGO® League Partners, who are sanctioned by FIRST to run an FLL region, a commitment which includes recruiting a Planning Committee and providing year round support. Some regions are large enough to have both a Championship tournament and Qualifying tournaments; some regions only have a Championship, but will add Qualifiers as they grow.

FLL regions are not defined by state/province/country. Many states, provinces, and countries have more than one FLL region and some regions cross state/province/country lines, as with the Virginia/DC region in the US. Some FIRST LEGO League Partners allow teams from outside their defined region to participate in their tournament(s); some can only accept resident teams due to venue size. Each FIRST LEGO League Partner determines what makes the most sense for their region.

If a team exists in an area that is not yet defined by an FLL region, they can contact the FIRST LEGO League Partner(s) nearest to them about participating in their tournament(s). To find events in your area, go to your country's website.

Most events are free and open to the public. Some local events are conducted, managed, and overseen by the identified organizer, not by or on behalf of FIRST.

Standard volunteer roles at qualifying/championship tournaments

For US/Canadian teams:

All youth team members are required to have a completed registration and Consent and Release form from our Youth Team Member Registration System either electronically (or paper option) to participate in any official FIRST event.
We request parents/guardians to login and register after receiving an invitation from the coach of the team to have their child apply. Parents/Guardians need to provide this information prior to the child’s attendance at their first official event.
Detailed information regarding the process is available here:

For US/Canadian volunteers:

PDF icon  Team Profile Sheet
Some regions refer to these as Team Introduction, Team Profile or Team Information Pages; others prefer to use their own form.  As each region determines if/how this form will be used (for example they may collect in advance via email or ask you to bring multiple copies to provide directly to the judges),  please check with your local event organizer if you have any questions regarding plans for use in your area.

World Festival

World Festival is the only official tournament operated by the FIRST organization. In 2011, World Festival moved to St. Louis, MO USA. In the past, World Festival has taken place at the Georgia Dome and World Congress Center (home of the 1996 Olympics) in Atlanta, GA USA and EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL USA.

World Festival is a culminating celebration of the FLL season, NOT a level of competition. Regions are selected by lottery to send their 1st Place Champion's Award winning team to World Festival. World Festival hosts about 85 teams each year. World Festival is a beautiful mix of cultures and skill sets, a true celebration of FLL.

Open Invitational Championships

FIRST LEGO League Partners can also choose to apply to run an officially-sanctioned Open Invitational Championship. Like World Festival, these tournaments are a celebration of the season. However, each FIRST LEGO League Partner chooses how to invite teams to these events.

Open Invitational Championships are by host INVITATION ONLY due to limited capacity.  Generally, invited regions will make this opportunity available to Champion’s Award winning teams from a Championship event.