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Robot Game Updates
There are several Robot Game updates which you can view at:

Project FAQ Updates
Project FAQ updates have been posted at:

EV3 Battery Update
Here is an update from LEGO Education on the battery and EV3 impacts:

  • Individual batteries are out of stock as all stock is going towards addressing EV3 core sets. Teams that have bought additional batteries will not receive their battery until November.
  • As an alternative, AA batteries are compatible with the EV3 P-Brick.
  • FLL EV3 Robot shipments are given priority. However, we may see sporadic delays as they rework/test all the batteries in the existing EV3 robot sets.

Team Registration in US/CAN
We project FLL Team registration in the US and Canada to close between September 19-24. All ordering of materials will end when team registration closes.  We strongly urge payment as soon as possible. If you must cancel please do so as early as possible as failing to do so may shut out another potential team.  All team registrations must be paid October 15 or teams will be canceled.

Mat Material Issue
It has been mentioned in several FLL® team forums that teams are noticing the Nature’s Fury mat material may arrive with slight fraying at the ends.  FIRST® LEGO® League is aware that this may occur and that the simple solution should be to cut the frayed ends with a pair of scissors. Do not pull the ends as this may cause the frays to get larger. Another suggestion would be to apply a thin strip of tape up and down the extreme east and west edges. FLL strongly disapproves of any attempt to burn the mat edges with any type of open flame due to obvious safety concerns.

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