EV3 Shipping Updates/ Mission Model Build Instructions / Coach Orientation Call August 12th


Mission Model Build Instructions
Wondering how to build your mission models now that you have the mat and LEGO elements? Look no further! The Mission Model build instructions are now available online for your building pleasure. Go to:  http://firstlegoleague.org/missionmodelbuildinstructions

EV3 Product Updates
EV3 robot sets began to ship on August 1st. All EV3 accessories such as sensors, servo motors, & batteries are in backorder status and will begin to ship August 19th. Separate shipments will occur as all of these items become available. (Robot shipments will not be held up due to backordered accessories.)  

Where Do I Start? Coach Orientation
Beginning August 12th,we will resume our annual “Coach Calls”, featuring experts from the field and FIRST Headquarters. Our first call is called “Coach Orientation” and is on August 12th at 7pm EDT. We will post the agenda online prior to call as soon as it’s finalized. Go to: http://firstlegoleague.org/challenge/teamresources#coach-calls