1. How is the Champion’s Award determined? Are certain weights used?

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1. How is the Champion’s Award determined? Are certain weights used?

A: The Champion’s Award recognizes a team that “embodies the FIRST LEGO League experience, by fully embracing our Core Values while achieving excellence and innovation in both the Robot Game and Design, and the Innovation Project.” At an official event judges will look for balanced, strong performance across all areas; this means that all three judged sessions (Core Values, Robot Design, and Project) and the Robot Game performance are weighted equally (each worth 25% of the team’s overall score) to determine the initial group of Champion’s candidates. The Champion’s Award ranking is also used to determine which teams advance from Qualifiers to other official events. All candidates must also meet the following requirements:

• Robot Performance: The team’s single, highest score is used to create the performance placement for all teams.

• Project: The team must complete all parts of the Project, including the identification of a real-world problem related to the Challenge theme, creation of an innovative solution and sharing their research and solution with others, as well as any other season-specific requirements that may exist.

• Core Values: The team must adhere to all Core Values throughout the event and the season.

For the Champion’s Award, all candidate teams are then reviewed during a deliberative process that considers the team’s placement across all four areas, along with other qualitative factors. Final determination of the award winner(s) is based on a vote of the full judging panel.